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KPA Civils Pty (Ltd) is a company formed due to the need required in our industry where service delivery and quality has become part of our standard terms and conditions. We are 100% BEE compliant company, which works hand in hand with the client in order to achieve the same goal. Our mission is to empower Local Authorities and to address their constituents development needs. Our competence lies in all fields of the civil industry as our team has extensive experience in the construction field as a whole.

Our skill and experience in technical planning and execution of works is to the highest level to make sure both the client and the man on the ground reap the benefits.

We are skilled and experienced in technical planning, implementation, community development and project management and can assist our clients in all sectors – government or private to achieve their objectives in line with national policies and goals.


This approach also ensures cross-pollination of ideas and the integration of strategies for a common purpose. Our company approach has been positioned to ensure delivery of Socio-Economic Development objectives against a set of business imperatives on the one hand, and the needs of stakeholders on the other. Over and above providing the Local Community with a substantial amount of capital, this approach relies heavily on ‘champions’ who are responsible for delivery in various areas.

KPA Civils Pty Ltd is large enough to offer the range of services needed but focused enough to deliver projects with attention to our Clients standards, schedules, and budgets. Our skilled and diversified teams take pride in guiding a project from conception to successful completion whilst remaining committed to sustainable development.

We undertake to partner with clients from the very beginning, to listen to their needs and develop a clear and shared vision of their project. This interactive approach ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way and a finished project to be proud of.

Our construction management philosophy focuses on developing an interactive, inclusive working relationship amongst the client, the design firms, and the construction team. We begin the management process immediately upon award and remain your partner until the project is successfully executed.

Regardless of the delivery method, we can bring a strong self-performance aspect to directly control field work and optimize budget, schedule, quality, safety and communication.

In the past eight years, our teams have excavated over 2 million cubic meters of material, set over 5 million square meters of formwork, placed over 300,000 cubic meters of concrete and build over 350,000 square meters of brickwork. Our ability to self-perform critical trades delivers greater value to the project through our understanding of the process, control cost and successfully manage all components of project delivery.


KPA Civils Pty (Ltd) was founded with the basic premise “To give the Client a Rememberable Experience.”

We all our projects, we place the following values at our core: -

  • Honesty and Integrity - We will remain respectful and fair to all our clients.
  • Take Ownership - We will act to find a solution for every opportunity or challenge that we encounter.
  • Team Players - We have positive attitudes and we follow company standards and systems.
  • Commitment to Success - We endeavour to exceed customer expectations.
  • Character -Above all else, we believe in being an ethical, dependable company that focuses on quality.

KPA CIVILS Pty Ltd has always been a strong supporter of the local community and understands the impact our support has on the local economy. Over the years, we have invested in community support services and community events.

We strive to ensure that Corporate Social Investment Funding is prioritised for both structured programmes and support for disadvantaged communities.

Structured Programmes: KPA Civils has a bias towards literacy and numeracy development and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”). Investment in STEM sparks interest in construction and the built environment; improves access to and success in this sector, creates a steady pipeline of future talent into our business and addresses critical skills shortages within our industry as a whole.

Disadvantaged Communities - Discretionary funding is allocated in support of once-off, smaller projects in communities affected by a specific project. Support for community initiatives assists in building relationships with community stakeholders and goes a long way in safeguarding our employees and assets and enhancing our visibility and reputation in these communities. Through funding from KPA Civils, we hope that this also encourages clients, suppliers and other community stakeholders to make donations.


Looking best partner for your next project?

KPA Civils Pty (Ltd) was founded with the basic principle and that is to give the client “VALUE FOR MONEY”. We also try to give the client more than one option, as our experience and our up to date technology allows us to execute a project using various methods.


40 Old, Vereeniging Service Rd, Eikenhof, Johannesburg South, 2110 TEL: +27 11 941 1163 FAX: +27 86 403 3156 EMAIL: info@kpacivils.com SITE: www.kpacivils.com
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