KPA Civils PTY LTD is an established and trusted fencing contractor, specialising in the erection of various types of premium quality industrial, corporate and residential fencing, security gates and carports. We also provide gates, panels, palisade fences and specialised or custom-made items.

Our Building Maintenance & Construction Services include:

  • Concrete Palisade Fencing – Take advantage of a solid wall that can stand harsh weathering elements. Allows visibility for monitoring the perimeter.
  • Panel Fencing - Provides security without obstructing views, blends well with landscaping and controls access to the property.
  • Steel Palisade Fencing - Palisade fencing is designed to provide a formidable long-lasting barrier against would be intruders.
  • Game Fencing - Farming or wildlife venture can only be as good as the quality and suitability of its fences. We supply the best quality fencing suited for farming and wildlife needs.
  • Electric Fencing - Provides safe and secure boundaries for permanent or temporary applications. If you are looking to keep out trespassers, we have the right product for you.
  • Barbed Wire Fencing - Constructed with sharp edges arranged at intervals along the strand(s). Mostly used to construct inexpensive fences, or to establish property boundaries.
  • Razor Wire Fencing - Sharper than the standard barbed wire. In any event, razor wire has a strong psychological deterrent effect in terms of security.
  • Access Control – We provide design, installation and service of Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems. Our individually designed, technology-based systems, are being used in thousands of risk management applications nationwide.

As fencing specialists, we are committed to providing quality solutions that meet your requirements and your budget.

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KPA Civils Pty (Ltd) was founded with the basic principle and that is to give the client “VALUE FOR MONEY”. We also try to give the client more than one option, as our experience and our up to date technology allows us to execute a project using various methods.


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