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We specialize in both commercial and residential projects. Regardless of the scale and nature of the project, we aim to maintain an excellent level of service whilst streamlining our focus on the quality of work we deliver to our Clients.

We currently have specialists in the field of concrete in our employ allowing our working knowledge of this versatile material to constantly develop and expand. We tackle the most demanding unreinforced and reinforced concrete works – from challenging locations to unusual specifications and vast, continuous pours. This expertise extends to situations requiring fast response during planned shutdowns and unplanned breakdowns.

We offer a range of concrete related construction works which include but are not limited to the following: -

  • Bridges and reinforced concrete frames.
  • Specialized concrete such as fibre reinforced, and ultra-thin steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs or surface beds.
  • Reinforced concrete roads.
  • Ultra-thin concrete pavements (UTCP).
  • Water retaining structures including reservoirs, wastewater processing plants and water purification plant.
  • Pre-tension and post-tension structures.
  • Precast members.
  • Reinforced concrete retaining walls.
  • Multi-storey commercial buildings, and
  • Municipal and private swimming pools.
As with all projects that we undertake, we constantly seek to identify and implement innovative solutions to design challenges, pursuing a better deal for our clients, partners and the wider built environment.

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KPA Civils Pty (Ltd) was founded with the basic principle and that is to give the client “VALUE FOR MONEY”. We also try to give the client more than one option, as our experience and our up to date technology allows us to execute a project using various methods.


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