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At KPA Civils, we consider ourselves as having the capability to tackle the most demanding civil engineering related projects. From challenging terrains to complex problems, our teams have the expertise, the technology and the resources to keep your project on schedule, within allowable cost and to the desired quality.

On every project, we always consider alternative methods which we can use to achieve the same goal which we present to the client for approval.

Our Civil Engineering Service offerings include both heavy civil or heavy engineering that further includes: -

  • Bulk and Restricted Earthworks
  • Sport Fields
  • Terrace and Platform Construction
  • Specialised Platforms
  • Combi Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Running Track
  • Soccer fields
  • Cricket Pitch
  • Roads, Stormwater and Associated Infrastructure
  • National and Provisional Roads – New, Additions, Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Parking Facilities
  • Township Roads (Inclusive of labour-intensive projects).
  • Stormwater infrastructure upgrades
  • Private driveways and access roads
  • Laying of interlocking paving to roadways and walkways
  • Bulk Pipelines, Outfall Sewers, Water and Sewer Reticulation
  • Steel pipelines (flanged as well as welded joints)
  • HDPE pipelines
  • UPVC or OPVC pipelines
  • Concrete pipes (Pressure / Non-Pressure)
  • Demolition of Existing concrete structures and buildings.

With our experienced and highly skilled staff combined with effective site supervision, all our clients are guaranteed a high-end finish and a long-life span on all the projects we deliver.

All demolitions are carried out with state-of-the-art equipment and safety is always a high priority.

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KPA Civils Pty (Ltd) was founded with the basic principle and that is to give the client “VALUE FOR MONEY”. We also try to give the client more than one option, as our experience and our up to date technology allows us to execute a project using various methods.


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